About Screenwars…

As the tagline suggests, there are two heads behind the website. There’s Vignesh Namasivayam and there’s me, Zachary McCarthy. We have been watching plenty of films for over two years now and are absorbed by the thought of seeing every great film there is to see. It’s a special opportunity to be able to share your opinion with multiple people (And believe us when we say we get tired of clashing with our friends about movies at times). We decided to make this blog out of love for films and film history. Provided are two sets of eyes on each movie and two different opinions on each film, and a younger, more modern perspective.

Each film will get two different opinion columns regarding our opinions and a rating out of 10 (For ex, 10 being the Godfather, 2 being The Last Airbender). Each week, we will have written a new review. In a month, we may typically post 2-3 reviews for recently released movies, and 2-3 for older movies. We can, if needed, go back and edit our opinions on a movie with a clear mark stating that its an opinion from the present. Sooner or later, we will be posting our individual top 5 favorite movies (Top 5 lists may be an occasional part of the site). If needed, we may go back and write a short, marked segment about a change in opinion about the movie or anything else. Occasionally, we may even have a guest writer if one of us is busy that week.

Are you ready to get drafted into the Screenwars?


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