10/11 Quick Post

Hi everyone! Like I said in my last post, we’ll be posting less frequently due to the hell that is senior year. However, this week, Jenya whipped up quick blurbs about a few of the movies he’s seen recently. We may or may not have full length reviews for some of these– stay tuned!



7.0 out of 10

People go up Mt. Everest and some die. Not much else to say, it’s solid all the way through and is exactly what you expect.

In this image released by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Johnny Depp portrays Whitey Bulger in the Boston-set film, "Black Mass." (Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP)

Black Mass

6.0 out of 10

Black Mass is by no means a bad movie but it is not an especially memorable film. It is best described as a perfectly created “Gangster Movie Paint by Numbers,” it fills in all the illustrations perfectly but there is no real standout feature except for Johnny Depp.

How I love being able to praise Johnny Depp again, who didn’t love him in Edward Scissorhands? Or Pirates of the Caribbean? Or Pirates of the Caribbean 2? Or his….role in Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4. And let us not forget Transcendence and Mordecai because I am sure you all did also. It has been too long without a good Depp performance and this is a great one. He makes Bulger come to life on screen and you can never really tell what kind of emotions he is feeling, switching from threat to compliment in a heartbeat, his greaser like personality mixing with the cold shred heart of a hardened gangster.

The film loses focus at times and makes Bulger play second fiddle to a really dull FBI agent character whose home life and corruption from his association with Bulger really weighs the film down, there also being a strange decision in the film to portray it as a retelling from several criminals on a plea bargain which ultimately came to nothing and did not further the story any more than just showing the scenes from the movie would have. Overall, a decent film to pick up on DVD although it is not a must see by any means.


shaun the sheep movie

Shaun the Sheep 

9.5 out of 10

I love this movie. It is nearly impossible to carry across the sheer joy this film puts inside of its viewer. It makes you feel like a kid again, its genuine and fun style and tone making it just a great event to bear witness to.

The animation is beautiful and refreshing to see since we now sadly live in a world where claymation is a rare thing to see as done as well as this film does. The characters look and express their emotions beautifully, the animators succeeding in bringing to life characters who do not speak any real words but mime and make sounds that spell out their moods, many touching scenes carried out through the masterful animation and excellent music.

Speaking of music, “Feeling Like Summer” was an amazing song that brought me back to my younger years with its light and fun melody mixed with some bomb-ass lyrics. Our Current music sucks in comparison to this awesome single. Dr Dre? More Like Dr. Lame! Maroon 5? More like Maroon Bore! Miley Cyrus? More like…eh still Miley Cyrus.

The characters were great, the slapstick was great, the pacing was great, this was just a fun and enjoyable movie to have the pleasure of watching, everyone should see it young or old.



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