Thoughts on… Golden Globes 2016

And here we are, post-Golden Globes, trying to digest the night. Ricky Gervais hosted again, and was “tastefully controversial’ as Zach put it and The Revenant stole the show. There’s a lot to talk about, so we’re just going to jump right into it.

Lady Gaga: Actor?

Yes, she is an actor, and apparently she is pretty good at it. I did not watch this season of American Horror Story (I stopped after the third season), but I personally find it pretty cool she was able to transition to the silver screen so faultlessly. Well done, Gaga.

The Martian: Mission Accomplished

Matt Damon won Best Actor, and the film won Best Picture: Musical or Comedy (though I don’t really agree with it being categorized as a comedy). Ridley Scott did not get Best Director, which would have only sweetened the pot, but regardless, fans of the film cannot help be anything but thrilled. You can check out our review of the film here.

Yo Adrian! I won a Golden Globe!

The surprise of the night for me was Sylvester Stallone winning Best Supporting Actor for Creed. Stallone keeps up the “tough guy” demeanor yet shines most when he flexes his character’s vulnerabilities, making this victory well deserved, but still surprising since I pegged Mark Rylance to win. This could make for a very interesting Oscar race.

Denzel wins the night

Denzel Washington was honored for his life long work with the prestigious Cecil B. DeMille Award. He’s won two Golden Globes and been nominated for seven, making this is award very well deserved. Denzel is a boss and don’t you forget it.

Jamie Foxx throws shade…

…when he announced Straight Out of Compton as the winner for Best Original Score (someone’s obviously mad it wasn’t nominated) and then apologized for pulling a Steve Harvey. Oof. It was pretty funny though.

The Revenant takes home the gold

Winning Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture: Drama, The Revenant absolutely dominated this year and deservedly so. It was a fantastic film, an absolutely visceral experience if you will. That being said, I was very surprised at what happened, largely due to…

The spotlight being stolen from Spotlight

This was the movie everyone was expecting to take control of the evening. I thought it would win Best Director (Tom McCarthy), Best Screenplay (McCarthy), and Best Picture, but ended up losing to Iñarritu, Aaron Sorkin for Jobs, and The Revenant, respectively. This was my favorite movie of the year, so hopefully it can pick up momentum going into the Oscars.



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