Behind the Screen

What makes Screenwars unique is that it is is written with two different reviewers. Two different people, two different opinions. We created this blog because we wanted to be able to express our love for movies and also share our opinions with others. Two is better than one, and that is no different here. We wanted other people to get as much feedback on a movie before they spend two hours of their time watching it. And by we, I mean two teenage boys in high school. Our names are Zach and Vig and we are the writers behind the screen, along with a few of our closest friends who share the same passion for film as we do. Disclaimer: These bios were written by each other and are for your amusement.

Vig Namasivayam

One of few theater kids who doesn’t sing in the hallways; can’t catch a baseball tossed right to him, it might break his nose; knows his way around the movie theater though, specifically the snack bar.

Zach McCarthy

Proud Irish-Italian-American; aspiring journalist/politician. His only talent of significant value is his ability to memorize the name of every episode of Breaking Bad.

Sam Kann

Throws cigar boxes into the air and catches them, sometimes in mid pirouette; claims this to be an art. She also claims to be South African; equally unlikely.

Nic Amato

A man of many countries (or of none); looks down on people who don’t know famous composers and economists. He plans to compete in the interpretive rowing finals next August.

Will Andrews

Tennis player by day, movie reviewer by night, Will Andrews has many hidden talents, including his beautiful falsetto. Some call him a GPA whore, but he’s really just a down to earth kid who loves to cuddle with his dogs and textbooks.


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